A warm welcome to the Markham Peoples Community Church (MPCC) website. I am so delighted that you decided to spend a few minutes in our website and see what God is doing in our church. We are a multi-ethnic church that puts God above all and above everything. When you visit our history page, you can see how many miracles God has done to build this church, and to HIM goes all the glory.

We are a warm, vibrant and welcoming church for people from all nations and all walks of life. Many of our visitors say, “We felt loved in this church”. We take God’s commandment “to love your neighbour as yourself” very seriously.

Therefore, whether you will come with a suit or jeans, we will love you just the same. I can easily summarize our church in 3 words: Christ, Compassion, Community. Talking about community, Markham Wesley Centre is connected to MPCC, where there are various programs for every age group to enjoy.

Many people asked our Mayor:  What are the key ingredients that make Markham one of the most vibrant and successful municipalities in Canada? The answer is very simple: Diversity is Markham’s strength. Diversity is part of Markham’s DNA. At MPCC, we also embrace the diverse cultures, ethnicities and languages of our community. Most importantly, we are embracing Jesus Christ who embraces and loves the world.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to meeting you one day in person. I hope to connect with you personally. My prayer for you is that the LORD Almighty would bless you abundantly and would make you whole in your body, soul and spirit. Jesus is LORD!

God bless,

Dr. K.K. Leung

Founding Pastor and Senior Pastor