English Congregation Lead Pastor

Irene moved from Hong Kong to Canada over 40 years ago. Over that period she studied, worked and started a family. MPCC has been part of Irene’s faith and spiritual journey for over 19 years. She served for 17 years as a Deacon and 3 years as an Elder. In 2016, Irene graduated from Tyndale with a Master of Divinity. Earlier on, she served as the Building Committee Chair from 2011 to 2018. During that time, she experienced God’s faithfulness, and love and witnessed many miracles. This has helped her grow in her faith and trust in God.

Irene’s professional career as an executive at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions has brought her the blessing of crossing paths with many people of all backgrounds. Although her work focuses on wealth management, the personal nature of her occupation often requires her to explore the matters of one’s fears, goals, hopes, and failures. She has found that working with families and individuals in a deep and trusting context has allowed her heart to grow and to better care for all people.Compelled by God’s calling, Irene has stepped into a pastoral role at MPCC.

Irene is committed to connecting and serving others. Her own personal journey in faith started unexpectedly and therefore she identifies with the need for patience, space and gentleness when exploring faith with others. Her vision is for MPCC to be a church for all peoples of all backgrounds; a safe place where one does not have to believe to belong. Irene welcomes thoughtful conversations, mutually respectful relationships and the opportunity to serve one another. She looks forward to hearing your story.

In her leisure time, Irene enjoys golfing, watching movies, cooking, and taking family trips with her husband, 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

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